About Us


Frank Tedeschi started his career in wood restoration with his family in Long Island City, New York. His love for beautiful furniture came to him at a young age, as his mother was always a lover of Italian Antiques. Through her love for one-of-a-kind furniture and hand carved details, she taught Frank the value in wood and the meaning behind an artisans craftsmanship. Together, they started a modest family collection which eventually grew into a passionate career, and now 40 years later a family-owned and operated furniture & antique restoration business in New York.

Never forgetting the work involved in hand crafting furniture, The Refinishing Company grew around these two core values: never compromise on honesty and quality work. These values, along with Frank’s staffed artisans is what makes The Refinishing Company stand out against the crowd as a professional New York furniture & antique restoration company. His years of experience has fortified his relationships and allowed him and his men the opportunity to work along side some of the industries top professionals. A few major clients The Refinishing Company is proud to have serviced are; PVH Corp. (Calvin Klein boutique, New York City), The Associated Press Building, and Rockefeller Center. Along with Stanley Steamers, many interior designers, decorators, architects, industry wood workers and cabinet makers.

Although no job is too big or small for our experienced New York furniture & antique restoration company, Frank has a soft spot in his heart for restoring family heir-looms, I guess he has his mother to thank for that.

Frank is an old-world master craftsman. This large table had been in my family for 4 generations, and was in awful shape – wobbly, water-stained, and in places worn through to bare wood. Frank and his crew strengthened and beautifully refinished the table and all 8 of its leaves. His work was done exactly as requested, on-time, and for a reasonable price. He also strengthened and refinished 6 very wobbly and stained Queen Anne chairs to match the table and to no longer wobble. I couldn’t recommend him highly enough. If you have a nice piece of furniture that needs work, he’s your man.
Mr. Geoffrey Berresford (New York, NY)