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Furniture Restoration In San Remo

Top Signs It’s Time to Invest in Refinishing Wood Furniture in Suffolk County, NY

If you’ve been looking for “furniture repair near me” and you haven’t been happy with the companies you’ve found, you’re in luck, because you’ve come to the right place! The Refinishing Company is a full-service furniture refurbishing company that has been providing premium-quality furniture repair and furniture restoration services in Suffolk County for more than 40 years. Refinishing wood furniture, reupholstering couches and chairs, wood furniture repair, bench and chair re-caning, and so much more; there isn’t any type of furniture restoration or repair that our team of artisans can’t do. If you’re looking for furniture restoration near you in San Remo, NY, for the most impeccable craftsmanship possible, contact The Refinishing Company!

Signs You Should Consider Investing in Refinishing Wood Furniture

Dining tables, cabinets, chairs, dressers, end tables, and more; wood pieces probably account for a lot of your San Remo, NY home’s furnishings. Constant use and exposure to the elements, such as sunlight, dirt, dust, and even moisture, can have a major impact on the look and function of your wood furniture. If your items are starting to look lackluster or they aren’t functioning how they used to, you might be thinking that it’s time to replace them. If you have a connection with your wood furniture, however – they’re heirlooms or you just love them, for example – or you don’t want to shell out a lot of cash to invest in new items, there’s a better option: wood furniture repair and restoration.

Reputable companies that specialize in wood furniture refinishing in Suffolk County can bring your pieces back to life and make them look at good as new. Furniture refurbishing is much more economical than buying brand new; plus, it’s better for the environment, it gives you the chance to create something totally unique, and it allows you to continue using those furnishings that you love. But how do you know when you should think about wood furniture repair and restoration? Here’s a look at some telltale signs.

Flaking, Chipping, or Peeling Finish

Is the existing finish on your wood furniture flaking, chipping, or peeling? If so, you’re definitely going to want to get in touch with a professional that specializes in wood furniture restoration in Suffolk County. Not only does the damaged finish impact the look of your furnishings, but it can lead to further damage and detract from its value. Finish protects the surface of the wood. When it wears off, the underlying wood is exposed to moisture, dirt, and debris, which can cause serious issues down the road.

Water Spots or Cloudy Marks

Some marks on the surface of your wood furniture simply mean that you aren’t cleaning it as frequently or as well as you should be. Other marks, such as water spots or cloudy patches, however, are a sign that you need to invest in wood furniture refinishing. If you notice these imperfections on your wood furnishings and a cleaning doesn’t make them go away, then you should seriously consider contacting a professional Suffolk County furniture restoration company.

Scratches, Dents, Dings, or Gauges

With regular use, wood furniture is bound to get banged up. Chairs, tables, dressers, and even wooden sofa legs can become scratched, dented, dinged, and even gauged. When these imperfections arise, they mar the aesthetic appeal of the furniture, but these blemishes can also weaken the wood and impact the function of the pieces. As mentioned, the finish protects the surface of wood, and when it’s damaged, additional problems can occur, such as mold growth and warping. Investing in professional furniture restoration will restore the look, enhance the function, and even strengthen the wood that your furniture is made of.

Refinishing Wood Furniture: What to Expect

If your wood furniture is exhibiting any of the above-mentioned imperfections or you just want to give your pieces an updated look, get in touch with a reputable company that specializes in wood refinishing. They will be able to enhance the aesthetic appeal, strengthen, and improve the function of your wood furniture. What does the process of refinishing wood furniture entail? While the process does vary from company to company, here’s a look at the basics steps that wood refinishing involves.

  • Finish selection. A furniture refurbishing expert in San Remo, NY will assist you with selecting a color or style of finish, such as pickling, bleaching, lacquering, and even customized, one-of-a-kind looks.
  • Cleaning. Any refinishing expert will perform a thorough cleaning of your furniture. They’ll make sure that the pieces free of any dirty, debris, and sticky substances.
  • Inspection. A reputable professional will begin the process by inspecting your wood furniture to determine if any repairs need to be made.
  • Finish removal. Whether by sanding or stripping, a furniture restoration professional will remove the existing finish from the piece.
  • Sanding. Once the finish is removed, the entire piece of furniture will be sanded down to ensure that all surfaces are smooth and ready to accept a new coat of finish.
  • Finish application. Lastly, a new coat of finish will be applied to the piece of furniture to create a fresh, new look.

Looking for Reliable Wood Refinishing Near You in Suffolk County?

When you’re looking for “furniture restoration near me” in San Remo, NY and you want the best results possible, contact The Refinishing Company. As a leading furniture repair, restoration, and refurbishing company that specializes in refinishing wood furniture, we have been bringing the modern, antique, and heirloom wood furnishings of Suffolk County business owners and residents for more than 40 years. For more information or to schedule a consultation, call 631-767-4038 or visit today!

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The Refinishing Company combines “Old World” craftsmanship with three generations of New York furniture restoration service. We have built our business on honesty, quality workmanship, and putting our clients furniture repair needs first. This, coupled with the fact that each one of our artisans are specialist in their related field, be it furniture upholstery or refinishing, ensures our clients that excellence is what we stand for. With locations around all around New York, in Queens and Suffolk County, we service Manhattan to Montauk, and are happy to schedule a free in-home estimate for any kind of furniture repair or upholstery work in New York at your convenience!

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