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The expert craftsmen at The Refinishing Company have been in the wood refinishing and wood restoration business on Long Island for many years. Over that time, our team has met with various clientele that has hired us for wood stripping, commercial wood restoration, and furniture repair. Many of our clients have had some of their favorite pieces restored to their original style and maximum value. When it comes to the process of refinishing wooden furniture pieces, some of our clients have questioned whether or not it was the best move for them. Here, we would like to provide some of the feedback we have received. Read on to learn about why restoring your antique wooden furniture pieces may be the best idea for you.

One of the top reasons we take on restoring wooden furniture jobs is that a new or gifted piece does not fit in with a room’s design scheme. For example, one of our clients received an antique chair from her grandmother. It did not match the rest of the furniture in her living room, although it was a beautiful addition. A quick and easy refinish of the chair and some easy restoration repair work had it looking like it belonged with the rest of our client’s set from the very beginning. Restoring older wooden furniture to match or correspond with other pieces is an excellent reason to call the team at The Refinishing Company.

If you are a collector, or seller of antiques, wooden furniture restoration may be something of which you are wary. Making any kinds of repairs or restorations on a piece of furniture is a great way to make it look beautiful, but in the case of antiques, it is vital that we are very careful in our process. For example, we take extra care with antiques that are worth a lot of money. If a piece was crafted by an artist, we are sure to never sand over or repaint a piece prior to inspecting it. A signature or a manufacturer mark is a sure fire way to tell if we have something truly valuable on our hands. These markings can double or triple a piece’s worth. In our restoration and refinishing process, we are sure to buff and refine these markings to make sure that they stay intact right along with the structure of the piece.

A common reason for hiring the team at The Refinishing Company for antique furniture restoration services on Long Island is to preserve the condition of your favorite or valuable furniture. If you have pieces of wooden furniture that show signs of aging, wear, tear, or missing parts, your piece will obviously not look its freshest. By undergoing a furniture restoration process, we can make your antique wooden furniture glow as if it was just crafted. If we are working on an antique for selling purposes, we prefer to refinish and restore the furniture to its original glory. By hiring the team of expert craftsmen at The Refinishing Company, you are investing in your furniture’s condition, value, and longevity.

While many of you may be interested in furniture restoration as a hobby, we highly recommend that you leave the job to the professionals when dealing with antiques. The slightest error could minimize or completely eradicate the value of your antique wooden furniture pieces. Although furniture restoration is a wonderful skill to learn, it would be smartest to practice on pieces that are not worth much. A furniture restoration professional will be worth the time and the cost in the long run if you are an antique collector. We know how to keep your antique furniture looking and functioning in the best ways possible. 

One of the benefits of working with The Refinishing Company is that you have the option  of bringing your pieces to us or we can come to you. If you have several pieces that are in need of commercial wood restoration, we can come to your home or office and provide a free estimate. All of our wood refinishing and wood restoration work can be done at your place or ours, providing you with the utmost flexible and convenient customer service.

Furniture is something that can hold tremendous sentimental value for many of our Long Island clients. Furniture lives in homes of our families for many generations, and we have the tendency to bond with it nearly as closely as we do with people. Whether it is the first sofa you owned in your first home, or an antique desk that your grandmother would write Christmas cards on, practically any piece of furniture can hold sentimental value. Over time, these cherished furniture pieces can fall into states of disrepair and aging. At this point you are faced with a difficult decision: to dispose of it or restore it to its proper function and style. If you decide that you do not want to let go of that couch or writing desk, furniture restoration is a great way to go. The team at The Refinishing Company loves helping homeowners and families keep their memories alive by restoring antiques and cherished furniture pieces to their original glory.

Sometimes furniture just needs a makeover. When wooden furniture pieces age, they tend to show signs of wear and tear. This is not a reason to discard it, as the furniture could last for many more years. Does the fabric on your favorite couch sink these days? Are some of the upholstery patterns on your living room set starting to look worn out and faded? When you have furniture pieces that age and fade, why not consider giving them a brand new style with a professional restoration? Our team is trained in the arts of wood refinishing, furniture repair, reupholstering, and wood stripping. All of these skills are valuable in the art of furniture restoration for Long Island homes and businesses. Consider giving your favorite furniture a style lift by hiring us for your furniture restoration goals.

If it is time to get your furniture functioning again, you may be surprised at what furniture restoration actually costs. If you are tempted to ditch your living room or bedroom sets simply because they have been in your rooms for many years, you may want to think again. These days buying brand new furniture sets is much more expensive than some general furniture restoration. Consider giving The Refinishing Company a call to assess exactly what your furniture’s needs really are before you buy anything new. The costs may surprise you!

Saving the environment is something that many home and business owners on Long Island are interested in. We are constantly looking for ways to help the environment by reducing waste, recycling materials, and reusing things that we have considered throwing away. Furniture restoration on Long Island is a great way to play a part in helping Mother Earth stay healthy! By not disposing of large furniture, you are reducing your carbon footprint and recycling in a way that is fun and exciting. Statistics show that repairing and refinishing your furniture can help you drastically reduce your carbon footprint and living in a way that is more eco-friendly. The process of making new furniture actually releases over 100 times more carbon dioxide into the air than it does by repairing and restoring it. Think of playing a part in saving the world by calling The Refinishing Company today!

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Whether you are interested in saving some of your favorite furniture pieces, or you are an antique collector who needs to increase your collection’s value, the team at The Refinishing Company can help you! We have been in the furniture restoration business for many years, providing fresh furniture solutions for home and business owners all over Long Island. Call us today for a free estimate.

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