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Most homes and offices are filled with various types of wooden furniture. You may have a traditional oak bedroom set, or a classic dining room table that is constructed of antique wood. Nearly everything in the home or office relates back to wood materials. While wood furniture pieces are aesthetically pleasing, they tend to degrade over time and their appeal will lessen. If you notice that is the case with any of your furniture, you may want to consider the benefits of refurbishing some of your favorite pieces. Some of the benefits of refinishing your wooden furniture are: 

  • Helping the environment by reusing resources as opposed to disposing of them.
  • Breathing new stylistic life into your home or office.
  • Cost effective wood restoration procedures. Refurbishing and wood refinishing of your furniture can cost far less money than full replacements. 
  • Preserves the value of the pieces that you love.

If your home or office furniture is looking like it all may need some extra tender loving care, call the professionals at The Refinishing Company today. We have been refurbishing and restoring the wooden furniture of Long Island for many years, and are ready to get to work on yours today!

The team at The Refinishing Company has become the leading team for furniture repair on Long Island. Whether you need standard wood refinishing, or full wood restoration of your furniture, our team of superior craftsmen have been working with our Long Island clientele for many years. Are you in need of furniture repair? How might you know? It may not always be easy to tell, but our team can help you. Read on to see if some of your favorite pieces are in need of some standard or serious furniture repair.

Restored kitchen cabinets are a fantastic way to breathe new stylistic air into your home, all while increasing its value. In order to give your kitchen a new look, consider getting your cabinets spruced up with commercial wood restoration. The Refinishing Company has been giving Long Island kitchens a brand new look for many years by providing timely and cost effective wood restoration to cabinets for years, making us one of the leaders in the wood restorer business.

Your favorite chairs in your home or office can get easily damaged or worn over time. If this is the case, you may consider replacing them. However, our superior craftsmen can restore your treasured chairs back into a proper looking and functioning piece of furniture. By using our most up to date wood restoration techniques, you can use your favorite chairs for years to come.

The Refinishing Company prides itself on using only the finest and most professional grade finishes on all of our interior remodeling in nyc projects. Our superior craftsmen go above and beyond typical paint stripping when it comes to the restoration of your valued pieces. We take the appearance and value of your furniture and wood door restoration jobs very seriously.

One of the benefits of working with The Refinishing Company is that you have the option  of bringing your pieces to us or we can come to you. If you have several pieces that are in need of commercial wood restoration, we can come to your home or office and provide a free estimate. All of our wood refinishing and wood restoration work can be done at your place or ours, providing you with the utmost flexible and convenient customer service.

Sometimes, upholstered furniture can show signs of wear and tear over the years. In addition to our top of the line Long Island wood restoration and wood refinishing services, we also offer custom upholstery. Whether it is a sofa with sentimental value, or your favorite armchair that has been in your family for generations, The Refinishing Company can provide new upholstery for you. Keep your furniture looking and feeling its best by calling us to discuss our custom upholstery services.

On Long Island, especially during hurricane season, it is easy for furniture to become damaged in a flood. This is especially true if a lot of your furniture is kept in your basement. A flood can spell doom for furniture, especially if they are antiques. So much dirt, grime, germs, and other elements can seep into the wood of your furniture, leaving the pieces in need of wood restoration. This is also true in the case of furniture upholstery. When furniture upholstery becomes exposed to water, mold and mildew tend to form on it very easily. If this is the case, The Refinishing Company can also provide full reupholstery services for you. If your home or business has been the victim of a recent flood, please call us today to discuss all of our furniture repair services.

Furniture is meant to be used, and to be comfortable. However, if you have your favorite armchair or your signature spot on the sofa, you may be contributing to your furniture’s wear and tear. Look at your seats and see if they are holding up. You may notice that the upholstery might be fading or wearing out. You may also want to routinely check your chairs and couches to see if the wood may be deteriorating due to overuse. If any of this is the case, your furniture may need to be repaired. At the Refinishing Company, we are able to transform your favorite pieces back to their original splendor. Whether you need your favorite sofa reupholstered, or your antique dining room set fully restored, our superior craftsmen are ready to fix your furniture right away.

Our furry friends mean a lot to us, but so does our furniture. Unfortunately, our cherished pets can often do damage to our furniture. Sometimes cats scratch up our most valuable wooden furniture pieces, or dogs can chew legs of sofas or tables. Upholstered furniture is also a problem in a pet friendly home. Stains from accidents can really damage furniture over time if there are repeat occurrences. If you notice things like this happening to your furniture, do not despair. It just means you may need to call The Refinishing Company for some standard furniture repair.

Wear and tear on furniture is normal, but it comes to a point where professional furniture repair may be necessary. When upholstery fabric on sofas and couches becomes too worn out, or the leather on a sofa or chair becomes cracked and brittle, you may need to call us for some of our reupholstery services. The Refinishing Company can get your furniture looking brand new when we restore and refurbish them. Give your favorite furniture the love and care it deserves by calling us for furniture repair today.

Not only is a sofa with visible springs a bit of an eyesore, it can also be dangerous in an area with heavy traffic. Metal poking out of the wood frames of your couch can hurt someone pretty easily. Not only that, but metal will also tear your upholstery fabric. This could mean that you have several different things to repair on your furniture. If you notice this, do not think that you have to dispose of your sofa and start fresh. You can easily repair this by calling our expert craftsmen to come to your home. 

It is difficult to tell how long your furniture pieces will last, especially if they are antiques or handed down from a family member. Regardless, the team at The Refinishing Company is equipped to handle any type of furniture repair situation anywhere on Long Island. We offer a wide array of services that will fix up your home or office’s furniture in no time at all.

In the instance of general furniture repair, we are prepared to get your job done quickly. Whether your furniture needs slight repair or a major resurfacing job, our expert craftsmen have the equipment and experience to get it done right. When we resurface wood furniture, we will strip and sand the existing surface carefully and with the best materials. We also will fill in any gaps or holes with wood fillers and then refinish the piece with a varnish, stain, paint, or polish. We will only use the correct finish to guarantee that your furniture will look and function at its best. We may also utilize  lacquer, shellac, or wax if the situation calls for it. Rest assured, our expert and knowledgeable craftsmen have the experience in using all of these materials in order to fix the function of your furniture, as well as restore it to its timely beauty.

If your couches, armchairs, or sofas need to be reupholstered, we have the expertise and skill to get it done correctly. Not only is reupholstering about applying new fabric to your furniture, but structural repairs can be necessary as well. This is because the old upholstery will need to be stripped, and then padding will get replaced before new coverings are applied. We can apply new coverings of fabric or leather, but usually furniture that needs to be reupholstered will require a specialized material. The expert craftsmen at The Refinishing Company have been trained in all areas of furniture reupholstery including knowledge of correct paddings and fabric for myriad furniture pieces. We have been handling the furniture repair needs of homes and businesses on Long Island for many years, and we guarantee that we can meet your furniture expectations.

When it comes to furniture repair, there is no procedure that we are more careful about than restoration of antiques. Not only is it important that your antique furniture be resurfaced and restored to regain its original beauty, but we are careful to be sure that it retains its value as well. Antique furniture is highly valuable and we know that it takes special skills and professionalism to be sure that it remains so. Any slight mistake could damage your antique furniture’s monetary value, so we are sure to take our time and use only appropriate materials when we are restoring antique wooden furniture. 

Any furniture repair job is completely within our  reach here at The Refinishing Company. Our expert craftsmen have been handing the furniture repair jobs of Long Island homes and businesses for many years, and can safely promise a timely and cost effective furniture repair job for you. Please contact us today for a free estimate for an onsite or remote Long Island furniture repair job today.

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