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The Refinishing Company is the premier choice when it comes to wood refinishing services for your home or office. We restore all kinds of wood furniture finishes, stains, and upholstery in New York, including kitchen cabinets, chairs, couches, loveseats, settees, and cushions. Our services include antique restoration, veneering, hand stripping, refinishing, restoring chairs, custom upholstery work, as well as furniture restoration and finishes of all kinds. You can count on The Refinishing Company to restore or repair your antique furniture to its original condition; nobody will ever know the difference. Bring your furniture into our office, or give us a call. We do on-site restoration, maintenance, and touch-ups.

Our Superior Craftsmen have been repairing and refinishing the wood pieces of Long Island homes and businesses for many years. We understand that your furniture and other wooden pieces need to look their best and retain their value. The services that we provide go beyond just average wood restoration. Some of our most popular wood refinishing services are:


Kitchen Cabinets


Finishes Available

On-Site Restoration

Custom Upholstery

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We also sell a wide range of products including cleaners, polishes, waxes and more!