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Wood Stripping In Coram

DIY or Professional Furniture Stripping in Coram, NY

 Whether a family heirloom is starting to show its age and you want to give it a new lease on life or you want to give your existing furniture a fresh, updated look, you might be thinking about investing in furniture stripping. If so and you are located in Coram, NY, contact The Refinishing Company. As a leading furniture restoration company that has been serving the Suffolk County community for more than 40 years, we offer all types of furniture repair and refinishing services, and wood stripping are one of our areas of expertise. From stripping chairs and tables to stripping dressers and cabinets, our artisans are highly skilled in stripping wood furniture and can dramatically enhance the visual appeal and the function of your furniture. Using the most advanced wood stain strippers and proven techniques and strategies, we can remove paint from all types of wood furniture; we can even remove paint from wood floors! If you want to remove paint or an old finish from your wood décor or floors, for the best results possible, contact Suffolk County’s leading wood stripping professionals: The Refinishing Company!

Reasons to Hire a Furniture Stripping Professional in Suffolk County

Thanks to technology, you can DIY just about every home improvement project. You can find tutorials online that cover pretty much any project you can think of, including furniture stripping. While you may be able to find an endless array of wood stripping tutorials online, if you have a project that involves removing paint from wood, you might want to think about hiring a professional to do the job instead. Before you start searching for wood stripping videos and head out to a home improvement store to stock up on supplies, here’s a look at some great reasons why you should consider foregoing the DIY approach and hire a Suffolk County professional for your furniture stripping project instead.

The Right Stripper

There are three main types of wood strippers: water-based, solvent-based, and methylene chloride-based. There are also several variants of these three main types and a wide variety of brands. With so many different options, trying to figure out which one to use for your furniture stripping project can be a challenge. If you make the wrong choice, you could end up doing serious damage to your furniture. A professional Coram, NY furniture restoration specialist, however, will know exactly what type of wood stripper to use and which product will work best for your furniture.

Improved Safety

Wood stripping products can be dangerous. Many contain noxious ingredients that can be harmful to your health if you’re exposed to them; damage to the respiratory system, skin, internal organs, and even the brain and nervous system. In addition to the harmful physical effects that exposure to wood stripping products can cause, they can also be combustible, meaning they can catch on fire. If you aren’t confident with your ability to protect yourself from these potential safety risks, hiring a professional that specializes in furniture stripping in Coram, NY is definitely in the best interest. A reputable professional will take all of the necessary precautions to keep themselves and anyone who may be within close proximity to the location safe. They’ll also work in a well-ventilated space and will take extra care to keep anything that could potentially ignite the wood stripper and start a fire. In other words, by hiring a reputable Suffolk County pro that specializes in stripping wood furniture, you can have confidence knowing that safety will be a top priority.

Better Results

If you’re stripping chairs, tables, dressers, cabinets, or any other wood furniture, there’s no doubt that you want the best results possible. If you’re a layperson, however, successful wood stripping can be a challenge. You might not know how much to apply, you might use the wrong strategies, you could miss some of the paint or stain, or you could even damage your furniture. While there may be some highly detailed and easy to follow tutorials out there, the results you’ll be able to achieve doing it yourself won’t compare to the results that an experienced professional Suffolk County furniture restoration company that specializes in stripping wood furniture.

Pros are highly skilled and well-versed in the art of wood stain stripping. In addition to knowing what type of strippers and tools to use, they’ll also know exactly what type of techniques and strategies to use in order to avoid damaging your furniture and ensure that the existing paint or stain is completely removed. In other words, by hiring a Suffolk County professional for your furniture stripping project, you’ll get much better results.

Looking for the Best Furniture Stripping Professionals in Coram, NY?

With so many benefits, if you’re planning a project that involves stripping paint or stain from your furniture, hiring a professional Suffolk County wood stain stripper is definitely a much better option than doing the project yourself. For the best wood stripping in Coram, NY, contact The Refinishing Company. As a family-owned and locally-operated furniture restoration company, we specialize in all aspects of furniture repair and restoration, including stripping wood furniture. Dressers, tables, chairs, cabinets, credenzas, and more; no matter what type of furniture you’re looking to refinish, you can rely on us to deliver impeccable results. To find out more about the process we use to remove paint from wood or to discuss a project you have in mind, give us a call at 631-767-4038 or call and submit our online contact form. At The Refinishing Company, we look forward to transforming your furniture into a work of art.

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The Refinishing Company combines “Old World” craftsmanship with three generations of New York furniture restoration service. We have built our business on honesty, quality workmanship, and putting our clients furniture repair needs first. This, coupled with the fact that each one of our artisans are specialist in their related field, be it furniture upholstery or refinishing, ensures our clients that excellence is what we stand for. With locations around all around New York, in Queens and Suffolk County, we service Manhattan to Montauk, and are happy to schedule a free in-home estimate for any kind of furniture repair or upholstery work in New York at your convenience!

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