Furniture Restoration

Furniture refacing is an art that means total restoration, including repair, reparation, or simply restoring the existing beauty of an antique or vintage piece of furniture. By refacing, one is able to save many older pieces of antique furniture and the rare antiques as well. Furniture refacing involves many procedures, beginning with making a decision as to whether a specific piece of furniture is worth restoring and restoration, then taking stock of everything that needs to be done and finally refacing it yourself or hiring a qualified furniture company to do it for you.

Wood furniture refinishing refers to a process that uses varnish or other protective finishes to bring the original color back into the wood grain and tone, while also repairing any flaws that may have been present if the wood refinisher used something else to do the job. Sometimes wood furniture may need to have legs repainted or hardware replaced because the wood has been neglected. In this case, wood furniture refinishing companies will apply a clear wax to the wood frame, sand down the finish, and then apply another coat or two of wax to protect the refinisher so that it continues to look like it was always brand new. This technique can also be used to fix minor dents, scratches, and uneven finishes to wood furniture.